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     Troubleshooting humidity problems
    Troubleshooting ECU light is constantly on
    Troubleshooting main relay circuit
    Troubleshooting Starting system  problems (extrnl. link)
    Civic mainrelay location
    Civic Igniter location  85-91 Relay (Flash) 92-95 Relay (Flash)
    Flash demo (main relay) Flash depicts the hardest location.
    Fuel pump replacement and inspection.


II. Main Relay 

  1. Overview
  2. Solution
  3. FAQs
         What is the main relay?
         How does the main relay fail?
         How do I know if the main relay is dead?
         How does a good main relay sound like?
         What does it look like? 
         How much does it cost? 
         I can't find my main relay, where is it at?
         How does it work?
         How do I get  the main relay out?
         I don't know how to solder and I need it fixed so I can drive around town. 
         My car stalls, but starts only after five minutes when the fuel pump whirls, is this the main relay? 
         My car is not fuel injected and I don't hear the fuel pump, why won't it start? 
         How do I check for fuel pressure without a pressure gauge?  
         How do I check if my fuel injectors are working? 
         How do I check if my fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is working? 
         My check engine light or transmission shift light is on what do I do?
         My fuel pump is dead, there is no sound when I turn the key?
  4. Find it (locations)
  5. Technical Details
  6. Troubleshoot
  7. Soldering Relay
         Main Relay close-up
         Main relay road test
         Fuel pump replacement/testing

         What causes the main relay to fail?
         Should I remove the old solder? 
         My Honda does not like to start sometimes when it is hot out if I don't let the fuel pump prime and then try to start it? 
         My check engine light is on and it won't start. Is this caused by the main relay?
         My 90-94 Accord doesn't shifts properly and the "S" (D4) light is blinking, can this caused by the main relay?
         What can make the main relay hot.

III. Ignition System  

  1. Honda Ignition troubleshooting
    Section 0: Basic troubleshooting 
    Section 1: How to check for spark
    Section 2: Visual Troubleshooting 
    Section 3: Input Troubleshooting 
    Section 4: Coil and Igniter Troubleshooting 
    Section 5: Distributor replacement
  2. ECU power source
  3. Acura Troubleshoot
  4. How Igniters work
  5. How DIS works

IV.Ignition Switch

    .TBS ignition switch repair instructions
      1997 Accords     1998–99 Accords.
      1998–99 Civics.
      1997–99 CR-Vs.
      1997–99 Odysseys.
    1997–99 Preludes.


V. Overheating  

  1. Known problems
  2. Troubleshooting
  3. How the Thermostat works
  4. Schematic diagram


VI. Transmission 

  1. Solution
  2. Troubleshooting (retrieving diagnostic code)


  1. Solution
  2. Troubleshooting
  3. Diagnostic

VIII. About  


IX. Archive

  1. Door latch won't open fix
  2. Replacing the Distributor Bearing  
         Removal option2
         Technical Details
  3. HowToChangeTimingBelt