Instructions: Work the center twin terminals on the magnified bubbles, the resistor terminals (dotted boxes) and the ones shown in the boxes and pointed by the arrows. Move mouse over the objects for descriptions.

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1) Fuel relay. Start then let go of key, rpm shoots up, car dies. Next attempt it cranks and won't start but rpm don't shoot up. Terminals fault is same as the ECU relay terminals. Identical image used.



2) This powers the ECU, injectors: Not enough solder.



3) The visible crack from the resistor. Symptom: start fine when held in START position. Let go key, car dies which is the same symtptom of a bad ingition switch.



4) Start fine if held in START position, let go key, car dies and can be repeated is the symptom of an open resistor terminal. This can be confuse with the symtptom of a bad ingition switch.



5) ECU Relay: The near invisible and visible crack. Symptoms: Cranks but no fire, no start, check light stays on. The usual cause of no start.



6) Notice the not so shiny solder. This creates a high reisistance, flaking the solder. Also, not enough quality solder.

























































It's recommended that all joints be redone but that is up to you.



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