Other Honda Main Relay Location

Prelude Location.

This 4th gen (1992) image below photograph by a wonderful individual from preludezone.com's DYI removing dash shows the exact location. You can simply remove the guts or the harness. See help here.

The flash image to the right is found in an Acura or a Honda and demonstrates one of the hardest location.


Instructions for 88-91: Note: The prelude location is contributed by a member and unconfirmed. If you still can't find it see the FAQ "I can't find my main relay, where is it at?"

  1. Remove the coin tray covering the fuse panel. 
  2. Remove the 5 screws holding the lower steering cover under the steering column.  
  3. Unplug the 3 electrical connectors attached to the lower steering cover. 
  4. Using the 10mm socket and the ratchet with extension, remove the 2 bolts holding the fuse panel. 
  5. Work the fuse panel out from under the dash and disconnect some of the shorter harness connectors to get the fuse panel out. 
  6. Unplug the wire harness connector from the main relay. 
  7. Use the small flat head screw driver to depress the tab that locks the main relay onto the fuse panel.
  8. Slide the relay off 
  9. Installation is the reverse of the procedure, although it isn't require to bolt it back at its original spot. Move the relay to a low, suitable spot where it is cool and away from a heat area.



88, 89, and 91  relay location/replacement procedures:


In this general area A main relay should look like this  

Grey main relay on some vehicles

or this.

Dark relay for some vehicles


The main relay is located just right above the hood release, inside the dash panel bolted to the left kick panel with a bolt that will fit a 10 mm box wrench. It has seven wires from the connector. 

  1. Remove the coin box (for a better view.) 
  2. With a 10 mm box wrench, reach deep inside and at the top of the relay there you will feel a bolt.
  3. Unbolt it. (If you cannot unbolt then you may dislodge the relay from the the steel tab using a large flat head screw driver.)
  4. If you damage the tab, you may be able to flatten the tab back to shape.
  5. Bring the relay down and unplug the connector by squeezing the locking tab then separate the connector from the relay.
  6. Installation is the reverse of the procedure and installed at a lower reachable location.