Acura Honda Main Relay Solution

Main Relay Solutions (three choices)

If the car won't start when the cabin is hot then select one of the three solutions below.

Solution 1:  Replace the main relay.

Step 1:  Click on one of the three links below:

Open relay


Solution 2:  Remove and repair the main relay.

Step 1:  Get the main relay out, see "How do I get  the main relay out?"
Step 2:  Repair the main relay, see "Soldering Relay"   



Solution 3:  A temporary fix.

  1. Disassemble the main relay.

    Open relay
               Open relay

  2. Press the tip of your ignition key on and around the cold (crack) solder joints like this picture on the bad terminals found on the mainrelay joint page. This procedure, if done correctly, allows the main relay to operate normally for up to a month or more. You can read more about this topic under the FAQ page.




If your symptoms sounds like an ignition problem then  Coils and igniters usually cannot be repaired. If you like to repair the coil then I recommend duct taping the coil or soak the coil in epoxy or epoxsy the crack formed in the coil and let it cure. An ignition switch can be repaired in some cases, but most often not.