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Fluid Replacement

Main Relay

Main Relay index:

Accord relay locations explains where & how to remove it
Soldering relay explains ways to fix using a soldering iron
Jump relay shows ways to connect wire to start & drive car
Cautions explain the danger of careless wire coming accross others
92-95 CIVIC MR DEMO flash shows animation how to jump wires to start
85-91 CIVIC MR DEMO flash shows animation how to jump wires to start
Ignition positions, wire colors explain what wire color stands for, also relay diagram
Voltages explain that 12 volts could mean any given voltage, the best term is battery voltage.

Power steering system checks index

Idle Boost, AIC or EACV
Below sensor
Boot tube
Either side leaks
Fluid replacements
Gear teeth
Hoses, speed sensor

Left right
Left side
Mating surface
Main Menu
Rack end
right side
Speed sensor
troubleshooting submenu

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