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About Honda's reliabiity (author's footnote)

Honda Accord Main Relay :

Objective: Jumping & bypassing the relay to make it work temporary for 86-93 Fuel Injected models, suitable for the purpose of moving the car.

Note that by simply tapping on the relay or allowing it to cool down will most always start the car and remain running.

Step 1. Jump Yel/blu to Yel/blk
Step 2. Jump Blk/
yel to Yel

Extreme Caution: Make sure wires from step 1 and step 2 don't touch other exposed wires.
Step 3. Start engine. If problem goes away then the Main Relay is faulty. Click
here to replace it, or here to repair it.

Description: By jumping Yel
/blu to Yel/blk, you are turning on the main fuel injection. By jumping Blk/yel to Yel, you are turning on the fuel pump. It doesn't matter if the main relay is removed or not. Disconnect the fuel pump, Blk/yel to Yel, when engine is not running.

Understanding: Knowing the nature of the problem and understanding how it works can protect your car from accidental damages. Honda electronics are known for it's reliability, but the new models (92 and up) employ a different kind of igniter that may be damaged if a positive current is supplied to one of wrong inputs. Honda is designed for ground safe, meaning accidental grounding may not damage the computer electronics.

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