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Fluid Replacement

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Throttle body -

Picture 9 is the Idle boost. Picture 10 (above) is the AIC (EACV). The AIC is located to the front of the throttle body. It controls the idle when in gear or detecting such things as A/C, etc. It does not activate when in neutral and various accessories are not on. During start-up, it activates for at least four seconds. At various time the EACV may become stuck and does not open as quickly and causes the car to idle low at initial start-up. Cleaning it may solve the problem.

Picture 9 Fast Idle Boost
The fast idle boost controls the air flow when the car is warm or cold. When warm it closes and air cannot pass through, and results is a normal idle (750 rpm). When cold, the fast idle opens and rpm can rise up as much as (1700 rpm.)
( Picture- 90 civic., 88-91 is similar)

Automotive Service Home Help
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