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Main relay location for all civic models


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 The color of the relay is usually black with a brown base. The wires coming from it are usually seven. It's above the hood latch release to the right and very high up. Removing it requires removing several parts surrounding it.

The relay is made up of two relays, one for the fuel injection system and one for the fuel pump. The relay sits on a PC board inside a plastic case, The PCB board contains resistors and some diodes. The common heat build up is the fuel pump relay, which causes an expansion and contraction of the solder joints thus creating an enviroment for drying and cracking.

Usually the fuel injection system relay may be the second to fail. If the fuel injection relay fails, a "check engine light" will signal a warning and a code may be sought. The code should point to a fuel injector problem.

There have been reported cases of 88-91 Civics where no sparks have been found due to a bad main relay. It is possible that the ECU plays a part in the ignition system but this is not possible after examining the Civic's wiring diagram. On years 1992 and up, the ECU manages the sparks. A bad relay usually produce no spark on these models.

repair instructions

This is a demonstration of the main mechanical relay. As power is supplied to the coil wounded metal core, a magnetic reaction occurs which pull in the contacts inward. Several resistor are added in parallel to the coils (not shown) Diodes are also used to direct electric flow (not shown.)


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